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Humble Beginnings...

Way back in 1999, before the new millennium, Excel Training Adelaide had its seed planted in the business called Top Ideas & Solutions (a company which specialised in finding solutions to almost any business problem - and still does today).

Over time, it became apparent that there was a need for a deeper understanding of Excel by small businesses, large companies and government agencies.

People who were tasked with finding an economical training solution could not believe that there was actually a company willing to come to their worksite, train using the actual equipment people were using, and in many cases, using the Excel files that were challenging the staff.

That's where Top Ideas & Solutions came in. This training model was an immediate success and has grown a huge following of repeat clients.

Why wouldn't it? For about the price of about 1 or 2 people attending a traditional classroom-based Excel 'lesson' in Adelaide, they were able to have a course completely tailored to suit the needs, not only of the business, but the individual training participants. AND no one had to travel anywhere. The people tasked with booking the training were rapt. Their bosses were pleased that their training budget could now stretch FAR more than usual, meaning more people could access training. I am sure a raise would have been the best reward, but praise from their bosses and staff had to suffice.

Compare these prices for 1 person at a time THEY decide and in a location that needs ALL day parking. Then contact us and you will be pleasantly surprised. If you are still unsure about who to provide your training, please look at our clients.

Top Ideas & Solutions is still plugging away, solving people's computer needs but Excel Training Adelaide is now handling all of the Excel training and Excel programming.

In fact Excel Training Adelaide has become so successful, it is branching out across Australia. Excel Training Sydney has been launched and is recruiting successful, professional trainers who have similar training styles and knowledge as we have.

01 Top Ideas & Solutions

Started late 1999 and continues to this day.

02 Excel Training Adelaide

Due to the huge demand for Excel Training, Top Ideas introduced this training arm in 2004.

03 Excel Training Sydney

Building upon its success in Adelaide, the training model moves to Sydney in late 2014.


"Excel Training Adelaide has been a huge help to our company, both in terms of delivering customised training and in developing customised business tools that have improved the way we work. The staff are very flexible and willing to tailor training to meet the specific needs of our people and are also able to readily translate our ideas into practical solutions that have exceeded our expectations. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services to any business."
Shaun McCarthy

Training Coordinator
SMR Automotive Australia Pty Limited

"Thank you again for doing training for us and I know I speak for the whole team when I say it was a pleasure to be able to have experienced your method of training. It was one of the best delivered training sessions I have had."
Tyson Winning

Learning & Development Team Member for Human Resources

"My accountant loves your new ledger and has encouraged me to implement its use.

Thank you. Never in my lifetime could I have implemented such large and complex formulas. I love the benefits of auto fill provided by Excel, no more typing errors or copying and pasting from my month to month previous ledger and looking forward to future data table comparative figures of past income and or expenses.

You are a gifted genius. You’ve created an Access Database from Excel for me."
Robert Griguol

Goodlook Blinds and Curtains Pty Ltd

"I thoroughly recommend Excel Training Adelaide to anyone who has a complex Excel project that needs error checking and/or automation. The staff are great communicators and overall the project has been enjoyable and a highly rewarding experience."
Martin Oldfield

Manager Valuations
Maloney Field Services

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